Your future career with the MBA R&D team

Admittedly, we are extremely picky when it comes to inviting someone to join our dedicated team. We want to have fun whilst constantly learning from and inspiring each other. We want our new colleagues to uphold the same values.
You don't have to be a superstar in what you do. We are not expecting you to have 20 years' experience and a stunning LinkedIn profile. We are simply looking for people who are self-driven, who are ready to share the knowledge and expertise, and who want to grow as a team.


Perhaps you have just left University, or your current job doesn't suit your talents? If you're looking to work in a new and exciting field, no matter how many years of experience you have, we are looking for people with a passion for technologies, fresh minds, lots of ideas and a willingness to learn.

Software Engineer

Have you got experience of working in Software Development? Are you looking for inspiring new projects in which to share your ideas? If so, you may be just the person for us at MBA R&D.

Do you think you have lots to offer, but you can't find the right job suited to your skills? We may need someone just like you for one of our new projects, so give us a call, we'd be happy to talk.

We simply want it all.
Without compromise.

"Once a developer, always a developer”? Only if you want to be. At MBA R&D, we can offer you the opportunity to get outside your comfort zone and try new and exciting things, with great work-life benefits:

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Roles in Dynamic Team

Potential UK Experience

5 Weeks of Vacation

Inspiring Colleagues

Sport-Friendly Environment

Great Location - Great Transport Links

MBA Group Ltd
Czech Republic

MBA Group has over 30 years' experience in both the direct marketing services and communication management industries. At MBA, we take pride in providing a large portfolio of clients with a variety of communication services and tailored solutions to meet their exact needs and requirements.
The role of MBA R&D, based in the Czech Republic, is to create products that help our customers to integrate and streamline their digital and printed communications.

Our Vision

MBA R&D has been established to bring innovative ideas to market,
whilst continuously improving upon our existing products.

We want to achieve these goals with a team of extremely talented professionals
and strive for the highest quality in everything we do.

In short, our purpose is about creating additional value for MBA and our clients.

Our Values

Our values have not been set by our HR or Marketing Departments. They are what we believe in and how we work. We want to be creative, have fun and build an innovative legacy that lasts.


R&D was established to do things differently, to breath life into innovative new ideas.


We deliver. There are no excuses when it comes to results and deadlines. We care about MBA's success. We celebrate every win.

Team work

We want to be recognised as a group of highly motivated individuals,
who work, act and succeed as one team.


No matter if it's for our customer, our company or ourselves; achieving the highest quality is our ultimate goal in everything we do.

Honesty & Trust

We play fair and do not accept dishonesty. We are free to go above and beyond what is required, but also feel comfortable to admit when we were wrong.

Our Team in the Czech Republic

Avatar Jiri Foto

Jiří Landovský

Product Developer

Are you curious about life in London? Don't hesitate to ask!

Avatar Petr Foto

Petr Weys

Product Development Team Leader

The guy who started it all.

Avatar Matous Foto

Matouš Klugar

Product Developer

Work and study? And why not?

Avatar Jana Foto

Jana Hrušková

Product Delivery Lead

(Your contact if you are interested in joining our team)

As you can see we are quite a small team (we prefer to call it "flexible" or "dynamic")
but don't let that fool you. We have BIG plans for the future and that's where you come in.
If you can imagine yourself as part of the MBA R&D team, keep reading...

Your Avatar Picture

You Star

Software Engineer / Test Engineer / Other ?

Interview process

Contact Us

Please send us your CV and a short cover letter - email is fine, let's not overdo it.

In your email try to explain why you chose MBA. What attracted you? Why do you think you would be a good fit for our team? Remember, your experience matters. Please make sure your CV covers any stimulating projects you have worked on. Whether they are from your time at University or perhaps a start-up you built. Whatever it was, we want to hear about it. Apply now

Our Action

After reviewing your CV and Cover Letter we may ask you for more information or invite you to interview. In some cases, however, we might decide that you aren't quite what we are looking for. Either way, you will hear back from us within two days.

Approximate duration: 2 working days


The first part of the interview will be in English.

Expect us to be curious about your previous experience - what projects have you enjoyed? What areas of technology are you passionate about and why?

We will want to find out more about you - What are your expectations? What do you think you can bring to the table? What is important for you at work and in everyday life?

Of course we will tell you more about us and the company, and a little bit about our plans for the future.

We will be ready to answer your questions so make sure you have some for us!

Approximate duration: up to 2 hours
After interview you will hear back from us in 2 working days.


If you survive all that, the rest is fun! Being a very small team we really want to make sure that you are the perfect fit for our culture at MBA R&D. We'll take you out for coffee, or perhaps a game of chess, to get to know you better.

Call with UK Head Office

Next will be a short call with our UK Management who wants to say hello to you as well.

Approximate duration: 1 hour

Our Offer

And that's pretty much it. Once we have considered your application we will notify you of the outcome. If successful, we will make you an offer.

Approximate duration: 1 week

Your Choice

The choice is yours now.

You will have two weeks to consider the offer. Upon acceptance we will ask you to provide all necessary forms and documentation to complete the process.

Approximate duration: 2 weeks

Contact Us

MBA Group Ltd
nám. 28. října 20/2
500 02 Hradec Králové
Tel: +420 499 599 562

You can find us in the building of Ceska Pojistovna.
The closest bus stations are "Obchodní dům TESCO" and "Gocarova trida".
We are also close to the main train station and bus station.

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